5 Reasons To Not Rent Carpet Cleaning Machines

You have two options when it comes to having a clean carpet: clean it yourself or hire a professional carpet cleaning service. If you decide to clean the carpet yourself, you may use a store-bought machine or rent a machine. There are a few reasons why that might not be a good idea:

rental carpet cleaner

You may have considered renting a carpet cleaning equipment at one point. This is normal especially given the fact that carpet cleaning machines are everywhere today. You can see them at the hardware store or even the local supermarket. However, there are some drawbacks to renting a carpet cleaning machine.

You May Use Excess Water

Do you know the amount of water you should use with the carpet cleaning machine you have rented? Probably not. You may, therefore, get water in your reservoir tank and start cleaning blindly without knowing the amount of water to use, the level of chemicals to mix and so on. In the end, you finish cleaning, and the carpet dries up at some point. The drying process can even take days because you soaked it up with excess water. This is especially if your home has poor air circulation or if the weather is humid. Often wet carpet leads to mold growth too.

Unsafe Cleaning Detergents

After getting your carpet cleaning machine, you will get the cleaning detergents and chemicals to go with it. You will not know how safe the cleaning detergents are. Some of them contain harmful chemicals which can irritate your eyes, skin or pets. Some of them even have substances that cause cancer. Let’s say you get the right detergents but cannot get out 100% of the detergent residue after cleaning. What will happen? Your carpet will get soiling and staining.

Foul Smell

There is a connection between renting a carpet cleaning machine and having a carpet with a foul odor. When you use the equipment you have rented, you will be left with a damp carpet. After a few days, you will notice a foul smell coming from the carpet. This means that bacteria has invaded your carpet and that is the reason for the smell. The mold and fungi that grow on the wet carpet also cause a variety of health problems such as allergies. A professional will do his job correctly and significantly minimize the risk of such a scenario.

It is Unhygienic

You may not have thought of it but can you imagine how many people have used that particular carpet cleaning machine you are planning on renting. Do you know what kind of dirt they were getting rid of? Do you know if the people who rented out the machine previously thoroughly cleaned it or even cleaned it at all before returning it? How sure are you that the owner also correctly cleaned it to make it safe for use? There is a chance that it may have a lot of nasty things in it such as hair. You may just be introducing new germs and bacteria into your home.

Your Carpet May Shrink

When you clean your carpet using too much water, it will take a long time to dry up. During this time, the carpet shrinks because of the soaking and dries up with waves. Failing to set up or operate the machine correctly can also cause a carpet to shrink. There’s a chance you can make these mistakes because you are not a professional. An old cleaning machine can also have the same effect. If the shrinkage is minor, it can be stretched, but you will need to buy a new carpet if it has significantly shrunk.

In the end, it’s just best to trust professionals. If it’s time for carpet cleaning for your home, consider Peoria Carpet Cleaners. Learn more about our services on our homepage.