Why Does Mold Grow on Carpet?

Peoria Carpet Cleaners encounters customers all the time that wonder “why does mold grow on carpet?” The primary reason for mold on carpet is due to moisture sometimes even from hiring the wrong local carpet cleaner. Learn what causes moisture in carpet and how quality carpet cleaning can help prevent it:

carpet mold

Any carpet owner who has had an experience with molds will tell you that it’s no fun at all. The primary condition that has to be present for molds to grow in your carpet is moisture. You might want to know what causes molds to grow in carpets so you can avoid them.


Here are some of the most common reasons for mold to grow on carpet or in a home:


Most of the time, molds grow during the humid seasons. Check your walls and benches after it has rained for several days. If they have molds, then it is time to inspect your carpet too. If your home is located in an area that constantly experiences high humidity, then you might have a problem of recurring mold growth compared to people from other regions.

If your home doesn’t have good ventilation, then the moisture that is inside your home will evaporate into the air. This will result in high humidity levels inside the home, and this might favor the growth of molds.

Humidifiers can also cause molds. Some molds grow when the humidity is above 55%. Therefore, if you have to use a humidifier, keep it below 55%.


One of the nightmares that come with flooding in your home and on your carpet is the growth of molds. Flooding will make your carpet very wet, and it might take up to days or weeks in some cases to become completely dry.

Mold can grow on a carpet that is wet for a day. Therefore, a carpet that stays wet for days has a huge risk of entertaining mold growth. This is why it is important to hire Peoria Carpet Cleaners. Our process does not saturate carpet.

The more toxic kinds of molds need extreme moisture conditions compared to the ordinary molds. These toxic molds need a carpet or other material to be extremely wet for an extended period such as several days so they can grow on it. Therefore, if your home is flooded, you need to get a solution fast to avoid exposing you and your family to toxic molds.


Basements usually have high levels of moisture because they are the lowest level of the house not to mention the fact that any leaking water runs to the basement. Also, basements do not have good ventilation. However, when your basement is exceptionally damp, then you have higher chances of having molds. Most homeowners have molds in their basement, but they do not realize it (probably because they spend the least amount of time there) until it has spread all over the place.


Wet clothes have moisture, and they will increase humidity levels indoors. You may notice molds growing on your wet clothes if the clothes remain wet and indoors for an extended period. The molds will not only grow on your clothes but other surfaces as well because of the general increase in humidity levels in the home.

If you put damp clothes somewhere for more than a day as you wait to wash them, then they may cause molds to grow. If you wash your clothes and leave them for more than a day without hanging or drying, then you might be inviting molds into your home. Even using a dryer to dry your clothes increases the level of moisture in your home.

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